Friday, November 25, 2011

Arts Grows Community Something Collective

Something Collective hosted an open studio session in The Incubator on Sunday, Nov 20, opening the doors to community members and like minded artists to share and discuss arts engagement with the Sunset Community. Something Collective artist, Juliana Bedoya created this text based piece out of moss on the concrete foundation at the art centre- one of the many guiding principles that inform their practice.

Friday, October 14, 2011

South Vancouver Community Space Inventory

The South Vancouver Community Space Inventory website is launched!

This website provides residents and organizations in South Vancouver access to available community spaces. These businesses, organizations and locations have generously shared their available rooms, spaces and facilities for use. Developed through the Sunset Community Literacy Plan, one of its goals is "to identify and enhance ways for residents and service providers to have access to community spaces". The inventory highlights currently available spaces and also finds new unknown spaces. It is our aim that residents and service providers will have improved access to community space. This website is maintained through the Sunset Community Literacy Plan. Please contact the Literacy Outreach Coordinator, Chelan Wallace at 604-324-6212 for more information.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mosaic is up! Faces of our Community

The mosaic is up!
Faces of our Community was created in 2008 with community members in the Sunset neighbourhood. The majority of these mosaics are embedded into the sidewalk on Fraser Street. Moberly ws fortunate to have this one land on the exterior wall, marking this process of community collaboration.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something Collective

We are delighted to have Something Collective in The Incubator Studio! Something Collective is is developing creative ways to meet and engage with you- The Sunset Community! Watch for upcoming events here and on the Moberly Web Page and at the Sunset Community Centre in the main lobby.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Incubator, Something Collective and Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters is a multidisciplinary performance experiment designed to fuse disciplines and push artistic boundaries. Brief Encounters was created by The Tomorrow Collective in 2005, and was produced by Katy Harris-McLeod and Mara Branscombe. Brief Encounter 17 is being co-produced with Something Collective member Laura Baron. For each installment the producers pick twelve inspiring artists/creators and match them in 6 unusual pairings. Two weeks prior to the show dates the artists are allowed meet with their partner and begin working. From this point on, the only criteria is that the piece be a new collaborative effort.
For this installment of Brief Encounters, Something Collective puppeteer, Maggie Winston is paired up with Contemporary Dancer, Julia Carr. These two inspired artist have been rehearsing at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

Brief Encounters 17
Wednesday, August 31 - Friday, September 2,
Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island
Guest Programmers: Laura Barron and Josh McNorton

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bakers Market at Moberly!

Moberly is delighted to host the Baker's Market each Saturday commencing

Oct. 1 - Dec 10

11 am - 3 pm

If you have a 'sweet tooth' , this is the place for you!
You'll find talented budding, professional or home bakers selling freshly baked artisan breads, German pretzels, French macarons, croissanrs, cupcakes and much more!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cultivating Connection: T Party!

As a wrap up for the artist residency of Cultivating Connections we celebrated with a Tea party on Monday, July 25. The Legion of Flying Monkeys added a festive air to the celebration with muscial interludes, Madame BeeSpeaker led community members on tours of the garden and a workshop on infused honey recipes, while Sharon Kallis prepared and served mint, lemon blam & lavendar teas- harvested from the Moberly Herb Garden. Thanks to Mohinder who prepared the chai. Please visit Madame Beespeakers' blog and Sharon Kallis's flickr stream to see more!

Thanks to the City of Vancouver, Cultural Services, Community and Neighbourhood Arts Development Program which provided us the opportunity to develop Cultivating Connections.

Something Green: art, nature & you!

Kim and Manpreet our stellar camp leaders have provided the campers with a delightful program to compliment the spirit of summer camp- fun and games! They made cakes , competed for prizes, paper mache was a hit as was the numerous field trips to Stanley Park, Granville Island and Queen E. Park. Thanks to Kim and Manpreet for thier continual enthusiasm, creativity and imagination.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Something Green; art, nature & you!

We have had the good fortune to parnter with the Stanley Park Ecology Centre as part of Something Green. Eco-educator, Anita Gregory led children on a bird house making workshop at Moberly, as well as hosted filed trips in the form of a low tide walk & forest walk in Stanley Park. The children learnt about bird, animal and ocean critter habitats.

Something Green; art, nature & you!

Lori Weidenhammer, AKA Madame Beespeaker, visited with the materials and insturctions for campers to make a healing herb drying rack. The children visited the herb garden with Lori and learnt about the diversity represented in the herbs and their healing properties. They harvested their favorite herbs from the garden along with notes of their healing characteristics. Tying and balancing the twigs was a crucial part of the construction. Once that was done, campers arranges the herbs on the rack and labeled with classic tags. At the end of the day, I overheard one of the 6 year olds letting theri parent know that 'in the the old days the wooly lambs ear was used as a band aide.'

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Green; Art, nature & you!

David will return to Moberly on Monday July 25 for the T-party that winds up the Cultivating Connections artist residency.

Campers enjoyed exploring the instruments, the sounds they make and the method of construction.

David Gowman visited the camp on Friday sharing his vast knowledge in playing music and instumentmaking out of green waste.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something Green: gardening with Aimee Taylor

Campers learnt about seed planting and guidelines on caring for them. The seedlings will be tended by the campers throughout the week and some will be taken down to GROW at Creekside Community in late August. GROW is an art & urban agricultural project-check it out!

The children met Horticultural Therapist, Aimee Taylor this week. Aimee began this planting and growing workhop with a guided tour of the herb garden. Children explored with their senses.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something Green: Arts, Nature & You!

Campers made their way down to Creekside Commmunity centre to work with eco-artist Sharon Kallis where they created seed mosaics under the gigantic birds.

Once the stencil was complete outside they went to create the bird seed mosaic.

The first step was to create a stencil

Something Green: Art, Nature & You!

Chalking it up! Campers made their mark on the entrance to Moberly- marking territory with the colourful favorite medium of child hood!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Somthing Green: Art, Nature & You!

This summer at Moberly we have campers from ages 6-12 participating in an eco-art camp called Something Green: art, nature & you. This project was inspired by the Cultural Herb Garden and many green iniaitives being offered this summer throughout the city of Vancouver. We began the camp with Lee Fraser a hip hop dancer who had all 20 campers hip-hopping for 2 continuous hours. What a start to our 4 week session!

Canda Day at Sunset

Sunset held it's annual Canda Day Event on July 1, bringing thousands of community members together to celebrate in the Sun!
Something Collective, the resident artists at Moberly Arts & Cultual Centre were out in full force providing community members the opportunity to contribute to the making of the flag. Come view the completed flag at the Sunset Community Centre along with a formal introdution to who Something Collective is!