Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Call fo a Community Arts Intern

Call for Community Arts Internship for the Artists in Communities program, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Currently there are two positions available for emerging artists to work with established artists in a community art residence project at a community centre. The successful applicant will be selected by the more senior artist(s) and other members of the project.

These internships are based on the proposition that the emerging artists will gain knowledge, experience and contacts. The emerging artist will contribute to the success of the project working under the guidance and direction of the more senior artist(s) selected for the residency.

The Artists in Communities Program is a partnership funded by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Community Centre Associations. The residencies are based on artists and members of a community coming together to create work around a common interest or concern. While creativity, experience and knowledge is recognized in all participants, the artist’s role is unique in that they are responsible for ensuring meaningful and respectful processes and aesthetic outcomes. For more information about the whole program please go to http://vancouver.ca/parks/arts/air.htm

The 2010 Artist Residencies are located at:

1. Sunset Community Centre, Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, Sunset Ice Rink
6810 Main Street and 7646 Prince Albert Street and 390 East 51st Avenue
Contact: Cyndy Chwelos, Community Arts Programmer, Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, 604-718-6521, cyndy.chwelos@vancouver.ca

2. Riley Park Community Centre 50 East 30th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5V 2T9
Contact: Tony Syskakis Programmer Riley Park, 604-257-8643 tony.syskakis@vancouver.ca

Skills and abilities:
Some of the skills and abilities desirable in the emerging artists selected for internships include: organizational skills; interpersonal skills; event planning, community outreach, communication skills; knowledge of the specific community, and in some communities language skills may also be an asset.

Payment and time commitment:
The interns will be paid $2,000 and should be prepared to spend at least 200 hours on the project and be willing to work flexible hours.

Where and how to apply:
Applicants should e-mail a CV along with a cover letter explaining why they are interested in the internship and the names and contact information of two references to:

Sunset/Moberly Community Centre: cyndy.chwelos@vancouver.ca

Riley Park Community Centre: tony.syskakis@vancouver.ca

Deadline: Tuesday, January 5th at 4:00 pm

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