Sunday, September 27, 2009

Students visit MACC from Langara Leadership In Recreation Program

4) Completed artwork was shared for all to see the imaginative, creative manner participants have represented Botanical Investigation.

3) Provide enough time for participants to work with materials for a prolonged period of time that allows for a rich investigation and opportunity to develop new skills and understanding about these art-making tools and materials.
2) Provide clear instruction in order for participants to feel encouraged to work with the material
1) Create an environment condusive to curiosity, investigation and engagement with art-making processes.

Langara Community College students in the Arts & Heritage class attended a workshop called Botanical Investigations at Moberly. This experiental method of learning provided students the opportunity to engage directly with the process of artmaking. The Community Arts Programmer at Moberly teaches this class at Langara College and felt that in the participation students would gain a greater understanding and appreciation for aspects to consider when developing and offering high quality arts based workshops in the recreation field.

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