Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative ReMix with Elizabeth MacKenzie

The installation of the portraits onto the walls at MACC.

Creating Creatures was a collective drawing process that had participants begin by drawing a single line with the inkwash. After these dried, they each chose one of the line drawings which they did not create and embellished it further with permanent fine markers resulting in a creature. Each drawing circulated amongst a number of participants having each add to the creation of the final piece.

Artist, Elizabeth Mackenzie provided a brush and ink workshop introducing camp participants to a number of techniques. These strategies encouraged exploration of indelible ink on rice paper, newsprint and cardstock. She focused the workshop on the subject of line, circles, faces and creatures. This artist is very interested in how participants become engaged in the process of making and creating often resulting in a large accumulation of work produced in her workshop/classes. The accumulation of the faces were installed onto the walls at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, animating the space in a whimsical manner.

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